Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just when you thought it would never happen. Your in your dorm, with all of your roommates and you start to notice your once blissful stash of toilet IS GONE. Your start to panic and wonder how could this be, you just bought a 12 pack last week. Running out of household hold items can lead to a world of problems, but don't go coo coo for cocoa puffs yet.

This is now my time to really sit back and try to figure out some kind of explanation as to why this is happening. I still talk to my roommates as if everything is normal while still watching them. I then start to notice that only me and my roommate I share a room with seem to be the only ones that are buying things for the house and we are sick of it. So I just happen to have some left over rolls of toilet paper my other two roommates could use until "they" ran out. 

This were so bad that we would go through a roll a day. But as I continued to watch I started to notice that one particular roommate would go the bathroom at least 5-6 times out of the day when me and my other roommates would only go 2-3 times a day. Just when I thought me and my roommate was the only ones buying toilet paper, a pack of rolls magically appeared we were good for about two days, then once again it was gone.

 So me and my roommate would continue to buy toilet paper and paper towels but it is now locked away safely in our room. Me and my roommate have came to the conclusion that we have had enough and we will not allow this to continue any longer. There is now an official war on toilet paper.


I Hope You Had Your Share of Theatre....... Because Here Comes the Drama

Now when you first move into your new home whether it's by yourself or with others it is expected to have at least a 2-3 month supply of toilet paper and other necessaties. I mean you can never have to much. So this now gives you a chance to spend your money on some more important things in your life. Now when you start to get low like if you are the last to use the toilet paper or paper towels be curtious and buy some more or at least ask someone to help get you some more. Me and my roommates are currently strugglinng with this problem.

When we first moved in it all was all good we had so many necessities we didn't know what to do, but you don't realize how fast you can run out of something that until you live in a house with three other women. Everyone in this household has at least a job, money from their parents, some kind of income to help chip in on household supplies. With this said you would think everything would be good we are all adults everything should be fine. Sike this is just the beginning.

Now I know my motto is come with an open mind but don't be to open to the point where you are dingy. When you first move in your first order of business should be to make up a schedule for cleaning, buying household items, and other things that are important that most people seem to forget. So remember don't expect to be a moocher for to long without your roommates noticing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

All Moved In

So it's a month later, everything should be put in it's place and it is now time for you and your roommates to really get a chance to know each other before academics really start to settle in. Now I dont think I've mentioned this before but for the next nine months I am about to be living with three other females. It's not as bad as you think it would be matter of fact I thought it would be worse with all the hormones, attitudes, and all the other girly things that just makes not even want to be a girl at times. Just remember if you make the best of it this will be one of the best experiences of your life. Be opened minded.

Me personally I took the time out to get to know the person I was going to be sharing a room with. She is a cool African-American Latino with a little bit of spice in her salsa with a Jill Scot, India Arie, and Erykah Badu feel to her. Our first conversation was finding out each othere's name coming to the conclusion that we were both hungry and our first adventure was to (of course one of the best places of all time) Chipotle. Now mind you me and this person has never meet before but with an open mind all things are possible.

You never know your roommate could be that best friend you have been looking for you whole life. Yes, me and her do fight but it's ok who doesn't have a disagreement every now and again. Now one thing I have noticed it that i actually have more problems with my other roommates rather than the person i share a room with. I think this is because I know them but I don't actually know about them so therefore we tend to clash more.

One thing i can say is all is going to go well with in the few months the really drama doesn't start to settle until about half way through your first quarter. As you continue to read my blogs I will talk about some of the past and current issues me and my roommates have had. So stay tuned :)