Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Hope You Had Your Share of Theatre....... Because Here Comes the Drama

Now when you first move into your new home whether it's by yourself or with others it is expected to have at least a 2-3 month supply of toilet paper and other necessaties. I mean you can never have to much. So this now gives you a chance to spend your money on some more important things in your life. Now when you start to get low like if you are the last to use the toilet paper or paper towels be curtious and buy some more or at least ask someone to help get you some more. Me and my roommates are currently strugglinng with this problem.

When we first moved in it all was all good we had so many necessities we didn't know what to do, but you don't realize how fast you can run out of something that until you live in a house with three other women. Everyone in this household has at least a job, money from their parents, some kind of income to help chip in on household supplies. With this said you would think everything would be good we are all adults everything should be fine. Sike this is just the beginning.

Now I know my motto is come with an open mind but don't be to open to the point where you are dingy. When you first move in your first order of business should be to make up a schedule for cleaning, buying household items, and other things that are important that most people seem to forget. So remember don't expect to be a moocher for to long without your roommates noticing.


btaz76 said...

I don't live on campus I live with my mom and my daughter, and I am happy about that. I love living with my mom, because i don't have to worry about all that stuff.

Tinkerbell said...

I mean that could be nice but sooner or later your going to have to go through it things like this can even happen at work school, or even if your just staying the night at a friends house. Me personally I prefer living where I do now then back home with my parents, yes it's nice the love and support they give me but I feel I have more of a chance to learn grow and prosper away from them.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I'm a little confused, Tinkerbell. It sounded like you were building to a specific story here. You write, "With this said you would think everything would be good we are all adults everything should be fine." I'm gearing up for a short story that shows how one of your roommate's doesn't live up to her end of the bargain. I feel like you pulled the rug out from under me here.

I also wonder, have you ever not replaced one of the essentials? Are you just as guilty? ;)

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