Monday, March 15, 2010


Without blogs what would be talk about? Many people do not know but blogs can be very informal.Whenever someone types in a question to google, it redirects you to answers but in a blog format.Blogging give you a voice. Whenever you have something you want to talk about or just to say somethings and get it off your chest without being known, blogging allows you to create a profile and become and annoynomous voice.
Blogging is best used for getting your opinion across and just for fun. There are many bloggers that really do not have anything to do in there spare time. There are many blogs that you can look at and say to yourself yeah that kid must have been bored this makes no since. Also there are a lot of people that want to voice their opinion but do not know how to, they blog. I bet if you were to look for blogs about political views at this very moment a ton would pop up.
            Many people read blogs. You can always look up information on wikipedia or google, but when you want the honest truth about something, you look for a blog. A blog is simply someone’s honest opinion about how they feel or what they think about something. So why not look one up and find out the honest truth about something.
            In my blogs I use real life senarios. Having personal experiences incorporated into what your writing gives the reader a better feeling. They feel like whatever the reader has to talk about must be sincere or really important for them to use some of their own personal experience.
 Blogs affect us in many different ways. They effect us mentality, emotionally, politically, and culture wise. Looking at blogs make us think more. It makes you think if what the writer has to say is really owrth your time reading; there are many blogger that blog just for the hell of it. Like I said once before some people get really bored with their lives and find blogging to be entertaining. Some blogs can have a really emotional effect on us. If someone has passed away or if they are going through something in there life when they are about to post a blog, they may express that to us even causing us to think about things that have happened to us in our previous lives. There are many celebrities that what to know who and what is being said about them. Looking at blogs would be one of the greatest resources that is everyone talks shit and says whatever they want.


Have you ever lived with someone that you just cannot stand but there is nothing you can do about it? I have and let me tell you, the trials and tribulations we go through are ridiculous. Who is going to buy toilet paper; who is going to get the dish soap; who is going to do this; who is going to do that? Uhhh, these questions just make me want to scream. Why am I one of the few that has to go through this? 
 I one day started reading blogs by Kristina entitled  The Confessions of a Black College Girl. Kristina’s blogs were perfect almost every blog she had I could relate to. What was it about her blogs that I connected with, how did she draw me in. The one that really stood out to me was titled “Girl Fight.” Now for those that like to judge a book by its cover it is not about a time she gets into a physical fight with anyone. She merely explains some of the havoc and chaos   she goes through with her current roommates.
            In her blog she explains how she currently lives with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend, who is like a “big brother” to her. Now in the beginning, everything was going well until one day both her friend and her boyfriend stopped talking to her for no apparent reason. She confronted them about it and she still received no answer, so she just blew it off. Then she had a really close friend that moved in with her and her roommates had a problem with it. They explained to her that if her friend was going to stay, she had to contribute to household items and drive her roommate, her boyfriend around wherever they wanted to go. Kristina let her friend know about the conversation she had with her roommates and told her not to even worry about it. This then led to Kristina’s roommates not speaking to her. It got to the point where her roommate wouldn’t even show her the electric bill and Kristina refused to pay until she could see the bill for herself. This is when Kristina declared that when the year 2010 starts she is packing up her things and leaving to start a new fresh life without the drama.
Since I have been living in the dorms, I have already been through one roommate. She not only had a problem with the people she was living with, but she just had problems of her own that we could not help her with. Now we have a new roommate “sigh”, she is a peace of work.
The current roommate that I have somewhat of a mini-moocher.  Since she has been here she has not contributed to any household supplies. She explained to us that her financial status is not great at this time, which is understandable, but you are still expected to put in on household items we do not have it that great either but we still find a way.
I really give Kristina credit for being a good person. Even though, she goes through all this hostility with her roommates she still is able to keep her composure and go on about her merry way. If I were in her situation I would have blown everything out of proportion and made the situation worse than what it already is.
I have a problem when confronting someone about a issue, sometimes. I am usually the type to just look past something and hope it doesn’t happen again. Which is very bad because it does nothing but build up hostility. So when I finally do confront someone I release all the anger I had built up which is not fair to the person I am speaking to.
I also like how she did not let them dictate her. Kristina strikes me to be a strong person with a mind of her own. When her roommates put their two cents in about Kristina letting her other friend move in, Kristina stood strong, listened to what they had to say, and then just casually blew them off without causing more problems then what there already were. I don’t understand why her roommates had this sense of feeling like they could direct her when she could easily leave them in a bind by moving out. If she decided to move out then they would have more bills to pay with no help from anyone.
My roommate told me after she meet me I had this strong ora about me that said don’t mess with me. There have been a few times when my roommates have tested me but I quickly and respectfully let them know I am not the one. Since we all have a fixed charge that we have to pay for to live in the dorms, we only have to worry about household items. I let my roommates know that its nice if the help buy things but if they choose not to then thats on them because regardless I am still going to have the things I need. 
 I do respect that Kristina was able to understand that living with her friend and her boyfriend was a huge mistake. She has every right to take charge and let them know they need her more than she needs them. If they really didn’t need a helping hand then they wouldn’t have agreed to all move in together.
 I am proud Kristina is an independent black woman. I say this because I am one. For many years I have always had to provide for myself without the help of others. But now that I look back on my life, I am proud of the things I had to go through. If I didn’t who knows where I would be today         


So my parents have been working at The Ohio State University in Columbus for over twenty years. This is a long time if you really think about it. This gave me a world of opportunities to get some insight about college. Little did I know listening to someone else’s experience didn’t help me create my own; there are some things you just have to learn or experience on your own.
Moving into the dorms and getting to know my roommates was… interesting. My first roommate is a African-American Latino with a lot of spice in her salsa, and a India Arie, Jill Scoot type of groove; her name is Gabrielle Ricci. My next roommates is a little, petite African-American Indian who  doesn’t really go out or do much but, she is cool to joke around with; her name is Sinay Smith. Last but not least, my final roommate is a Caucasian female from the country whose family owns a farm and a catering business which is very exciting, maybe she could teach me a couple of meals to cook. Her name is Alicia Vogel
  Now none of us was perfect. We all had our good and bad days and dealt with them. As the days went by cliques started to form; Alicia hung with Gabby and I hung out with Sinay. Who said living with three females was a bad idea?
Just when things seemed to be going great, one day out of the blue Alicia stops all communication with us. We all had an idea of some of the problems she was dealing with at home, so we backed away and gave her room to breathe. We never knew to the extent how much of a problem Alicia really had until one day she showed us. She stomped across the floor with an unexplained rage in her eyes that you could see from a mile away. Her look was so intense that you could just imagine yourself in the middle of a bull fight holding that red cape and she was ready to charge whoever was in her way.
Things didn’t really start to heat up until we had our roommate agreement. This is to just get a general idea on how to handle certain household situations. This meeting was an opportunity for any problems to be put on the table and hopefully be fixed. The only person that did not have much to say something was Alicia. So once seated at the table to have our meeting, we all stared at her intensely, almost daring her not to say anything at all. One thing that Alicia mentioned was that she had a problem with our place not being clean. However, not once did she take it upon herself to either clean on her own which I have done on more than one occasion. Alicia never said,”  hey you guys lets clean.” Even though the rest of us did not think it was that dirty, we would see a few papers here and there but it never got to a point where there was food and dirt all over the place. 
Once the meeting was over we all decided to go upstairs and clean. Alicia had planned on cleaning the place on her own because she was not going home that weekend. But out of kindness we all just decided to help her clean before we left to go home. As we were cleaning, Alicia walks in grabs her purse and decides to go to Wal-Mart with some of her friends. By this time, not only was I aggravated but so were the rest of my roommates. She was the main one complaining about how “messy” things are but she refused to stay and help. Now I was feeling disrespected. I felt like she was Mrs. Daisy and we were her maids; she was leaving for her daily outing and expected the place to be clean and spotless by the time she got back.
But I still kept my mouth shut. Alicia was now skating on thin ice and pretty soon she was getting ready to fall in.
 Two months later, the drama continues. It has gotten so bad that Alicia starts to not even sleep in the dorm anymore. It just so happen that I decided to go over to another friend’s dorm that me and my roommates all socialize with. Well when I went over there one of my friends happen to pull me inside and asked “ hey do you have any issues with Alicia?” Of course I said no it was none of their business what was going on inside our household. Then thats when she revealed to me that Alicia has been over there almost everyday bad mouthing us. Once I found this out I took it upon myself to call a meeting with our Residence Advisor so we could hopefully solve our problems.
 Once in the meeting most of the conversation was directed to Alicia because she was still the only one with a problem. Everyone said what they had to say still not resolving the problem at hand and by the end of our conversation that’s when Alicia revealed to us that she was moving out. We all were appalled and speechless; and really could not understand her reason for wanting to move out. Then our meeting concluded with Alicia stomping off across the hall. The loss of a roommate and still no problem resolved.
 This is just one of the many things that are not explained to you when you ask about someone experience in the dorms. This is just one of the many lessoned learned in life. Don’t be so quick to call someone your friend until you really get to know them.      

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just when you thought it would never happen. Your in your dorm, with all of your roommates and you start to notice your once blissful stash of toilet IS GONE. Your start to panic and wonder how could this be, you just bought a 12 pack last week. Running out of household hold items can lead to a world of problems, but don't go coo coo for cocoa puffs yet.

This is now my time to really sit back and try to figure out some kind of explanation as to why this is happening. I still talk to my roommates as if everything is normal while still watching them. I then start to notice that only me and my roommate I share a room with seem to be the only ones that are buying things for the house and we are sick of it. So I just happen to have some left over rolls of toilet paper my other two roommates could use until "they" ran out. 

This were so bad that we would go through a roll a day. But as I continued to watch I started to notice that one particular roommate would go the bathroom at least 5-6 times out of the day when me and my other roommates would only go 2-3 times a day. Just when I thought me and my roommate was the only ones buying toilet paper, a pack of rolls magically appeared we were good for about two days, then once again it was gone.

 So me and my roommate would continue to buy toilet paper and paper towels but it is now locked away safely in our room. Me and my roommate have came to the conclusion that we have had enough and we will not allow this to continue any longer. There is now an official war on toilet paper.


I Hope You Had Your Share of Theatre....... Because Here Comes the Drama

Now when you first move into your new home whether it's by yourself or with others it is expected to have at least a 2-3 month supply of toilet paper and other necessaties. I mean you can never have to much. So this now gives you a chance to spend your money on some more important things in your life. Now when you start to get low like if you are the last to use the toilet paper or paper towels be curtious and buy some more or at least ask someone to help get you some more. Me and my roommates are currently strugglinng with this problem.

When we first moved in it all was all good we had so many necessities we didn't know what to do, but you don't realize how fast you can run out of something that until you live in a house with three other women. Everyone in this household has at least a job, money from their parents, some kind of income to help chip in on household supplies. With this said you would think everything would be good we are all adults everything should be fine. Sike this is just the beginning.

Now I know my motto is come with an open mind but don't be to open to the point where you are dingy. When you first move in your first order of business should be to make up a schedule for cleaning, buying household items, and other things that are important that most people seem to forget. So remember don't expect to be a moocher for to long without your roommates noticing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

All Moved In

So it's a month later, everything should be put in it's place and it is now time for you and your roommates to really get a chance to know each other before academics really start to settle in. Now I dont think I've mentioned this before but for the next nine months I am about to be living with three other females. It's not as bad as you think it would be matter of fact I thought it would be worse with all the hormones, attitudes, and all the other girly things that just makes not even want to be a girl at times. Just remember if you make the best of it this will be one of the best experiences of your life. Be opened minded.

Me personally I took the time out to get to know the person I was going to be sharing a room with. She is a cool African-American Latino with a little bit of spice in her salsa with a Jill Scot, India Arie, and Erykah Badu feel to her. Our first conversation was finding out each othere's name coming to the conclusion that we were both hungry and our first adventure was to (of course one of the best places of all time) Chipotle. Now mind you me and this person has never meet before but with an open mind all things are possible.

You never know your roommate could be that best friend you have been looking for you whole life. Yes, me and her do fight but it's ok who doesn't have a disagreement every now and again. Now one thing I have noticed it that i actually have more problems with my other roommates rather than the person i share a room with. I think this is because I know them but I don't actually know about them so therefore we tend to clash more.

One thing i can say is all is going to go well with in the few months the really drama doesn't start to settle until about half way through your first quarter. As you continue to read my blogs I will talk about some of the past and current issues me and my roommates have had. So stay tuned :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Move In Day!!!!

Ever since elementary school I have dreamed of this day. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to college was that you whenever you needed to go to the bathroom you could just walk out. Not thinking about the school work and all the other steps I would have to go through first to get there. Heck, I still had middle school and high school to go through. It was a challenge but I made it.

Graduation, a breath of fresh air so you think. Graduating from high school is now your time to hustle if you have plans togo to college. That part time job now turns into a full time job so you can start saving money for yourself, cause your parents are not going to provide for you, you are now considereda full adult. Oh and don't think this money is going to be used for your wants it's now going to be toward your needs. Since I now live in a apartment style dorm, not only did I have to buy books I had to buy food, tolietries, towels, cooking supplies, etc. Basically my point is that you have to buy things that you would buy if you were own your own do not depend on the others you are going to live with.

Move in day. By this time you should have all your important belongings packed and ready to go. Move in usually begins 8 in the morning and the early bird gets the worm so be there as soon as you can and get enough rest the night before. It's very important that as soon as you move claim what you want but still be mindful of the others that have not moved in yet. If you are the type to be quiet and take whatever is left over you need to grow out of it and let it be known that you are a mature adult that demands as much respect as anyone human being.

Once your all moved in take the opportunity to get to know your roommates, you are about to live with these people for the next 9 months for the moment this is, your new family don't be a stranger. In the meantime try to get to know people in your dorm hall no rush though, it's nice to watch people and see if you should keep them as a associate or is it really someone you want to get to know. Also don't forget to look out for the sexies and call dibs lol :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Introduction

For my first time blogging I plan to focus on dorm life. What I plan to share with my audience are some of my experiences I have had as a person, minority, and a African American female. I noticed that most dorm life topics are about the basic that you may know through common sense such as: moving in, picking out the right bed, etc. I plan to tell the truth with out to much exposure because there are some things that you just have to experience on your own.

I currently attended a pro-dominantly white school and I have had my share or acts of racism. At first I did not recognize them because they were being made by someone I considered as a friend and it never really happened on a daily basis. So this main topic will be the realization of who you can call your true friend. Another topic that corresponds with this is realizing some type of racism when that person committing these acts does not. Instead of getting upset for the person or feeling sorry for them just remember that it's not their fault completely, it's just the way they were brought up and the type of environment they're from, remember everyone is not from the same place you are.

Some other things I would like to share is to be aware of the different personalities you are about to encounter. No matter where you're from you have to remember that you don't know who your actually dealing with, you don't know the background they came from or anything so even if someone seems like a bitch (mostly said for the females) just ignore it as best you can. In most situations when you try to handle things on your own, and you knew of another mature way to take care of it, it usually doesn't end well for you and whoever else is involved.

Don't be afraid to talk to your roommates. The lack of communication can really interrupt the relationship between you and your roommates. Even if it's to tell them you don't like them tell them but make sure you have a legitimate reason as to why you really don't care for them and do it in a nice way. 

Now, please don't get the wrong impression every experience I have had in college has not always been bad. It has taught me a lot of responsibility and has really helped with my networking skills, also it has really helped when dealing with a variety of personalities. Now most of my blogs are not going to be based on this topic for the simple fact that, I feel it's now time for something new to be talked about and I'm the one to do so. Well wish me luck here I go enjoy.