Sunday, January 10, 2010

Move In Day!!!!

Ever since elementary school I have dreamed of this day. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to college was that you whenever you needed to go to the bathroom you could just walk out. Not thinking about the school work and all the other steps I would have to go through first to get there. Heck, I still had middle school and high school to go through. It was a challenge but I made it.

Graduation, a breath of fresh air so you think. Graduating from high school is now your time to hustle if you have plans togo to college. That part time job now turns into a full time job so you can start saving money for yourself, cause your parents are not going to provide for you, you are now considereda full adult. Oh and don't think this money is going to be used for your wants it's now going to be toward your needs. Since I now live in a apartment style dorm, not only did I have to buy books I had to buy food, tolietries, towels, cooking supplies, etc. Basically my point is that you have to buy things that you would buy if you were own your own do not depend on the others you are going to live with.

Move in day. By this time you should have all your important belongings packed and ready to go. Move in usually begins 8 in the morning and the early bird gets the worm so be there as soon as you can and get enough rest the night before. It's very important that as soon as you move claim what you want but still be mindful of the others that have not moved in yet. If you are the type to be quiet and take whatever is left over you need to grow out of it and let it be known that you are a mature adult that demands as much respect as anyone human being.

Once your all moved in take the opportunity to get to know your roommates, you are about to live with these people for the next 9 months for the moment this is, your new family don't be a stranger. In the meantime try to get to know people in your dorm hall no rush though, it's nice to watch people and see if you should keep them as a associate or is it really someone you want to get to know. Also don't forget to look out for the sexies and call dibs lol :)


Bishop Gray said...

First off I am so jealous of you because I live in a college town and didnt get to live in the dorms. Just like you, I've always wanted to live in the dorms ever since freashmen year of high school. But no its living at home with mom and dad which sucks. I always wanted to live in a building with people the same age as you and not having any rules or just living on your own. With me the bad part about that is that I would probably end up with bad grades because of all the fun I would be having.

schmitz.88 said...

I live at home. I also live about forty five minutes away. So I feel like that forty five minutes takes up my time to be studying, working, or just hanging with friends. So at times I wish I lived close to the campus. But I also love living at home. I love the free food, bed, my own room, own bathroom, and seeing my high school friends. But I also know that many people do not have what I have some have strict parents, sharing rooms, paying for food and other things that I do not have to pay for.

Ren29 said...

When I was younger I always wanted to live in a dorm at college, but when the time came around for college i wasn't able to move in to the dorms. This was because i live about five minuets away from the campus and paying to stay in the dorms just seemed like a waste of money to my dad since we lived so close. Which I can understand his point, but it still kind of sucked. At least with living at home I don't have to pay for food or anything else that I might need.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

"One of the main reasons I wanted to go to college was that you whenever you needed to go to the bathroom you could just walk out."

Pretty funny. :)

Nice detail, here, Coriena. I like where you're going here. One question, though: where does the "minority's perspective" come in for this post?

Okay, so how about something like "Dorm Outsider," "Outside the Norm in the Dorm," or some such?

Cimino said...

I too couldn't wait for college, to not have to listen to your parents and party until you cant see straight. But then I got an apartment with one of my good friends from high school. That changed everything, we had to pay for everything that you said, food, cleaning supplies, etc. I thought I had enought saved in the bank that I wouldn't have to work the whole winter but its turning out to be bad. Now that we have gas/electric and cable bills every month it seems like the bills never end. But the experience is still amazing and the parties are too!

Kelsey said...

I can relate to this very much so. I loved reading this, i just feel as though everyone can relate to this who has graduated from high school and moved out,and who is now in college. Even though my roommates can sometimes drive me absoughtly crazy at times,i would not change them for anyone else. I love the freedom of college and the feel you get to make all your decisions on your own. I have bad days where I would do anything to go home and lay in my own bed and just sleep all day, but as soon as i do that i am fired up and ready to go back to see my friends.