Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Introduction

For my first time blogging I plan to focus on dorm life. What I plan to share with my audience are some of my experiences I have had as a person, minority, and a African American female. I noticed that most dorm life topics are about the basic that you may know through common sense such as: moving in, picking out the right bed, etc. I plan to tell the truth with out to much exposure because there are some things that you just have to experience on your own.

I currently attended a pro-dominantly white school and I have had my share or acts of racism. At first I did not recognize them because they were being made by someone I considered as a friend and it never really happened on a daily basis. So this main topic will be the realization of who you can call your true friend. Another topic that corresponds with this is realizing some type of racism when that person committing these acts does not. Instead of getting upset for the person or feeling sorry for them just remember that it's not their fault completely, it's just the way they were brought up and the type of environment they're from, remember everyone is not from the same place you are.

Some other things I would like to share is to be aware of the different personalities you are about to encounter. No matter where you're from you have to remember that you don't know who your actually dealing with, you don't know the background they came from or anything so even if someone seems like a bitch (mostly said for the females) just ignore it as best you can. In most situations when you try to handle things on your own, and you knew of another mature way to take care of it, it usually doesn't end well for you and whoever else is involved.

Don't be afraid to talk to your roommates. The lack of communication can really interrupt the relationship between you and your roommates. Even if it's to tell them you don't like them tell them but make sure you have a legitimate reason as to why you really don't care for them and do it in a nice way. 

Now, please don't get the wrong impression every experience I have had in college has not always been bad. It has taught me a lot of responsibility and has really helped with my networking skills, also it has really helped when dealing with a variety of personalities. Now most of my blogs are not going to be based on this topic for the simple fact that, I feel it's now time for something new to be talked about and I'm the one to do so. Well wish me luck here I go enjoy.


Kelsey said...

I have read your introuduction and i can relate exactly to what your talking about. It was this summer when i moved out of my parents house, and into the dorm. I am living with five girls and you do not even have to tell me the stuff you see on a daily basis. I laughed when i read this because your topic is something i am so familiar with. Even though i am not a minoritie, i know exactly what your trying to say. Can not wait to read the rest of your blogs!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


I think you're moving on from your introduction here, so I'll encourage you to try to keep these posts to a narrower focus in the future.

That said, you touch on many interesting ideas here that I would love to seen tackled in fuller detail in ensuing posts.


Tinkerbell said...

What exactly do you mean in your first sentence I not really understanding what you were trying to incorporate to me. If that sounds correct :)

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Love your blog! I can definitely relate to your introduction due to coming from a predominately white community and schools, maybe that's the reason I chose an HBCU but I am happy with the decision and have realized that the prejudices we have experienced from other races, our race happens to demonstrate some of the same towards them. But hey, not everyone is perfect.

I came by to say how much I love your blog! It's great=D Keep writing I can't wait to see what else happens and you experience.