Monday, March 15, 2010


Without blogs what would be talk about? Many people do not know but blogs can be very informal.Whenever someone types in a question to google, it redirects you to answers but in a blog format.Blogging give you a voice. Whenever you have something you want to talk about or just to say somethings and get it off your chest without being known, blogging allows you to create a profile and become and annoynomous voice.
Blogging is best used for getting your opinion across and just for fun. There are many bloggers that really do not have anything to do in there spare time. There are many blogs that you can look at and say to yourself yeah that kid must have been bored this makes no since. Also there are a lot of people that want to voice their opinion but do not know how to, they blog. I bet if you were to look for blogs about political views at this very moment a ton would pop up.
            Many people read blogs. You can always look up information on wikipedia or google, but when you want the honest truth about something, you look for a blog. A blog is simply someone’s honest opinion about how they feel or what they think about something. So why not look one up and find out the honest truth about something.
            In my blogs I use real life senarios. Having personal experiences incorporated into what your writing gives the reader a better feeling. They feel like whatever the reader has to talk about must be sincere or really important for them to use some of their own personal experience.
 Blogs affect us in many different ways. They effect us mentality, emotionally, politically, and culture wise. Looking at blogs make us think more. It makes you think if what the writer has to say is really owrth your time reading; there are many blogger that blog just for the hell of it. Like I said once before some people get really bored with their lives and find blogging to be entertaining. Some blogs can have a really emotional effect on us. If someone has passed away or if they are going through something in there life when they are about to post a blog, they may express that to us even causing us to think about things that have happened to us in our previous lives. There are many celebrities that what to know who and what is being said about them. Looking at blogs would be one of the greatest resources that is everyone talks shit and says whatever they want.


Chris_Santos said...

"Also there are a lot of people that want to voice their opinion but do not know how to, they blog"

i think this is a big part in why most people blog. Like may be a person is too shy to openly say something that they feel strongly about but don't want to get mad fun of, or may be thats the only way they can release stress, since a blog could be a online journal

Kelsey said...

I really enjoy looking at your blog site and seeing how well it has all come together. Its weird to know that it was just a short time ago we were instructed we needed to do this, and of course me not knowing anything about it, you were forced to help me. Your specific blog was always my favorite to follow though because it had tons of meaning when relating to my own life. I have the same experiences because of moving into a dorm this year and moving away from my parents, friends and everything I wonce knew.I hope the best for you.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


It's hard for me to get a sense of what you ultimately feel the place blogs hold in our social lives. It seems like you may be wavering back and forth on their ability to be important. What do Talbot & Rushkoff say?

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Hey Tinkerbell!

I hope you keep blogging. You are completely right blogging is basically a way for people to express their opinions and use their voice in a way that no one else can. The only thing about blogs is that at times they can be time consuming and take up a good portion of your time and life but don't let it get to you. Just do the best you can and allow your opinions and voice to be heard in any way possible. Hope it helps.